Deion Sanders Humiliates His Son In Bench Press And Makes The Coolest Exit

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New University of Colorado football coach Deion Sanders was primed for a bench-press challenge against his oldest son and two other staffers this week. (Watch the video below.)

Wearing a hoodie, overcoat, hat, sunglasses and attitude, the former NFL and MLB star watched special assistant Sam “Malone” Morini unable to lift the 245 pounds. Deion Jr., aka “Bucky,” a content creator for the football program, also failed to hoist the weight. Quality control analyst (offense) Rashad Davis then managed four reps.

The elder Sanders, 55, didn’t bother to properly warm up or shed his outerwear and accessories to prepare for his turn. He stayed as he was and cranked out six reps like it was nothing.

“Don’t ever try me again,” he said.

The coach, who revealed last year he had two toes amputated after blood clots formed from a previous surgery, made his triumphant exit on a Segway with a dog in tow.

Not present at the bench press showdown was Sanders’ youngest son Shedeur, who’s likely to start as quarterback for the school.

The QB might want to think twice about challenging “Coach Prime” to a contest of strength.

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