The Best National Parks To Visit In The Spring

“Hot Springs National Park is more than a series of historic turn-of-the-century bathhouses,” said Derek Wright and Amy Beth Wright, outdoor enthusiasts and creators of Parks and Points. “The Ouachita Mountains are a sweeping expanse of green in spring, and the park contains over 5,000 acres of public land and 26 miles of hiking trails. Beautiful scenic drives along West Mountain Scenic Drive and Hot Springs Mountain Scenic Drive wind through and around the mountains and offer stunning views of spring in full effect, with many serene picnic areas and viewpoints.”

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The Wrights recommended exploring the park’s many trails and scenic routes by car or bicycle to see the flowering trees and wildflowers around this time of year.

“For spectacular spring views of the park and mountains, climb Hot Springs Mountain Tower — an elevator is an option as well,” the Wrights said. “Along with other satisfying hikes, the Sunset Trail Loop wraps around the entirety of the park. It’s also a perfect time to camp at the Gulpha Gorge Campground, an official NPS campground located in the park, though reservations are required.”

And of course, don’t forget to spend time at the famous bathhouses, whether for a spa treatment or just to soak. There’s even local beer crafted from the thermal spring water.

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