Olga Carmona Learns Of Father’s Death After World Cup Final

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Spanish soccer captain Olga Carmona, who scored her country’s winning goal in the Women’s World Cup final, learned after the game that her father had died.

Carmona, 23, scored the lone goal of the match, taking her team to its 1-0 victory over England.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation, or RFEF, announced the death of Carmona’s father in a statement on Sunday.

“The RFEF deeply regrets to announce the death of Olga Carmona’s father. The footballer learned the sad news after the World Cup final,” it said in Spanish, according to a translation.

“We send our most sincere hugs to Olga and her family in a moment of deep pain. We love you, Olga, you are the history of Spanish football,” the federation continued.

Carmona issued a tribute to her father on social media several hours later.

“And without knowing it, I had my star before the game started,” Carmona wrote, according to a translation. “I know that you have given me the strength to achieve something unique. I know that you have been watching me tonight and that you are proud of me. Rest in peace dad.”

A Royal Spanish Football Federation spokesperson said Carmona’s father had faced a long illness and died on Friday, Reuters reported.

Carmona’s family and friends did not tell her about the death to protect her headspace ahead of the final, according to Spanish media outlet Relevo. Her mother and brothers reportedly flew to Australia on Saturday to support her.

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